WoonHung x Mia Watanabe x H&M

WoonHung Mia Series 4 earrings, made from sustainable white wood in H&M 10th anniversary colours, dedicated to the future of our planet.  Designed in Singapore and handmade in Cebu, the collection gives back to support schoolchildren in the Philippines.

About WoonHung Mia Series
For The Children of The Philippines

Born out of a shared desire for progressive, sustainable action, the WoonHung Mia Series, created by WoonHung in collaboration with Mia Watanabe, is dedicated to Filipino domestic helpers in recognition of their sacrifices in leaving their families to come to Singapore to care for ours. 

WoonHung’s Natural Collection is handmade in Cebu, Philippines, and it is only fitting to give back to its people. Proceeds from the WoonHung Mia Series will fund the Anecito Panolino Elementary School in Iloilo. 

To honour the unsung heroes who care for us, we return in kind by nurturing their children, and their children’s children. Their welfare is our collective responsibility.