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WoonHung offers modern and elegant jewellery that is built on the pillars of Renewability, Sustainability, Cottage Industries and Traditional Craft. Each piece of every collection utilizes natural materials and the skill of traditional jewellery makers and craftspeople of Cebu, from The Philippines.

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A note from WoonHung.

The world is in pain. Never before, have we experienced such profound connection in pain and isolation.

The pandamic has allowed WoonHung to mull over matters. The revamped website (relaunched in 2020) was a result of prolonged solitude. Borne out of a desire to inspire, built as a resource and avenue for meaningful engagement through backstories of beautiful things made from one humble material that is indigenous to Cebu. Called White Wood or Pangantoun (local name in Cebu) or Mamalis (international name), it is a sustainable renewable material, filled with potential. The superstar, central to WoonHung Natural Collection.

Backed by Cebu makers, WoonHung finds meaning in design. Together, we forge ahead, experimenting and reconstructing seemingly unconventional components into everlasting modern jewellery.

This is WoonHung's take on design.

Wearing a WoonHung creation has never failed to garner compliments! The shapes and the colors of her creations are always spot-on. I love the philosophy behind the brand and it makes me feel good to be wearing something beautiful that also goes a long way in supporting communities of skilled artisans and their families.

Caroyln Fu @superwonderfu

WoonHung’s pieces remind me of stillness in a busy world. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of subtle colors, the feeling of handmade and the care that goes into design using sustainable wood. I love that I can wear her pieces with jeans and T-shirts as well as with dresses.

Mia Watanabe @miwatana1

WoonHung Natural Collection quickly found its way into my permanent jewellery rotation and I have never looked back since — the geometries and colours add an extra dimension to my otherwise monochromatic wardrobe. I especially love how they can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion!

Sher Reen @sherreenl

Advocating of Traditional Craft

We wanted our audience to understand the nature of handmade. ⁠It takes many hands from different skilled craftspeople to finish a piece of jewellery. Capturing the story as it is, we felt a responsibility to shine the spotlight on traditional craft. When we are armed with the right information, we can then make informed decisions, who to align with and the value system we choose to uphold. #doingitright ⁠#rightfromthestart #valuesystem

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Buying what we need. And recycle the hell out of it.

⁠What we own, we stretch their usage - storage shelves, display units, packaging, visual merchandising tools and so on. We don't do window displays because they are a waste of resources.⁠ Everything that is built centres around flexibility and simple modules, nesting together for easy storage and mobility.⁠ #builttolast #builtmodular #reuse #recycle #upcycle

WoonHung's take on display tools

Essential Extra Gift Store

Essential Extra was built as WoonHung's showroom. The showroom has since morphed into a gifting destination showcasing WoonHung Natural Collection as well as designs from indie brands scoured across various markets, handpicked by WoonHung.

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Store Location

Essential Extra Gift Store

6A Shenton Way #01-39/40

OUE Downtown Gallery

Singapore 068815

In view of the gradual reopening of the market,
we adjusted business hours, till further notice.

Mon to Fri: 10.30am to 7.00pm
Sat: 10.30am to 4.30pm
Sun + PH: Closed