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Amber Series

Amber S necklace is a design that is entirely crafted by the makers from Cebu. When WoonHung first laid eyes on them, it was a love at first sight. A good-to-go from the get go. The colour mixes and alternating repetitive stacking of a single flat disc component is a brilliant and refreshing take on the stacked necklace commonly found in the marketplace.

An extension of the first Amber Series, the Amber L necklace is another design by the makers in Cebu. WoonHung reworked the playful stacking of colours while keeping true to the simplicity and original idea behind the design thinking.

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Amber Series by WoonHung Natural Collection

Block 2 Series

A revival of a past design, Block 2 is another of WoonHung's version of Cube Series. It is statement and versatile with a selection of WoonHung's bestselling colours. Shaped from one component  intertwined with cotton cord to form a criss-cross pattern of wood blocks.

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Block 2 Series by WoonHung Natural Collection


Inspired by florals and botanics, WoonHung created Blossom necklace to be lighthearted and pretty. The colourful components adds a dancing mix to the surrounding resin petals.

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Brooke S & Brooke L Series

A favourite piece from WoonHung 2018 Collection, Brooke S is an easy to match mini statement. An original piece by our makers in Cebu, we added the adjustable strap for versatility, adding a splash of colours in playful sequence. Otherwise, nothing was changed for this design.

An extension to the original Brooke Series, the updated Brooke L version takes on the asymmetrical stacking, with multiple contrasting components to form a playful piece of jewellery.

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Brooke Series by WoonHung Natural Collection

Cube Series

Woven together with a cube-shaped component and made from sustainable wood, the WoonHung Cube Necklace is an all time favourite among WoonHung's audience. The Cube necklace was first designed in 2018 and continues to be a staple. A must-have statement piece in WoonHung Natural Collection.

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Cube Series by WoonHung Natural Collection

Dot Bib Series

One of her earliest designs, Dot Bib necklace remains a staple in WoonHung Natural collection. Woven together into an architectural adornment with a small 5mm disc component, the arched and structured collar silhouette makes it the perfect companion to any outfit. Using traditional weaving, Dot Bib necklace has a modern perspective in mind, an original by traditional craftspeople in Cebu. An array of bright and soft colours were chosen to the current edition to add dimension and vibrancy.

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Dot Bib Series by WoonHung Natural Collection

Droplet Series

Joining WoonHung Natural Collection, is Droplet Series. New to the collection, Droplet necklace is adapted from Circus Series, a multi-layered classic design, and reworked to a be statement piece. With versatility in mind, WoonHung added vivid colours to add spunk to your everyday wardrobe.

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Droplet Series by WoonHung Natural Collection

Globe Series Series

A long time ago, WoonHung spotted a knitted scarf with chained loops stringing into a piece of accessory. Drawing inspiration from the simplicity of wood and creativity of Cebu makers, we did our own version to form an necklace design. 3 different colours to choose from, with matching earrings.

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Globe Series by WoonHung Natural Collection

Peacock Series

A flamboyant piece, Peacock Series pushes the boundary. Reworked slightly from the original design by craftspeople in Cebu, the Peacock necklace is another new design by WoonHung Natural Collection. For the woman who loves vibrant mix of colours, this one is for you.

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Peacock Series by WoonHung Natural Collection

Rope Series

A new addition to WoonHung Natural Collection, Rope Series is light-weight, fun and unassuming. Catering to women who prefer an off-beat edgy vibe, the Rope necklace is an unconventional piece to dress you up on a lazy day. 

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Rope Series by WoonHung Natural Collection

Secondary Series

Introducing the supportive series to match necklaces : An eclectic curation of bracelets and earrings, made to match our existing necklaces. Choose from our funky Hexagon bracelets to our charming Semi-Mismatch earrings to our elegant Teardrop dangles, and our new additions in the Vee and Droplet series. 

Available in 8 easy colours, we invite you to explore the full range and find your go-to jewellery for the season. 

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Secondary Series

Seed Series

The Seed Series by WoonHung Natural Collection is a reset, of starting afresh once again with baby steps, as we begin working with Cebu makers on sustainable jewellery designs for Boutique Fairs Singapore - a commitment to showcase new collection first at this event. Seed Series is a reminder of our endeavor, having survived the pandemic.

Seed Interlace necklace is an original design by the craftspeople in Cebu, Philippines, with WoonHung's take on keeping the piece smaller yet wearable and versatile. The intention has always been to make every piece work for the modern woman, for any outfit, for multiple occasions and hopefully build more staple pieces for the modern woman's wardrobe.

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Seed Interlace Series by WoonHung Natural Collection

Stacked Series

A first for WoonHung - the double-sided necklace. The Stacked necklace plays with 2 different colour mixes on each side to add versatility to your wardrobe, with a resin cube component breaking the monotony of 'domino effect' stacking.

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Stacked Series by WoonHung Natural Collection


Made from a single V-shaped component, the Vee necklace layers to form an unconventional piece, showcasing the beauty of the simple V. Designed by Cebu makers, this unconventional necklace adds playfulness into your wardrobe.

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Vee Series by WoonHung Natural Collection

WoonHung Mia 3 Series

WoonHung Mia Series is an ongoing collaboration since Nov 2018, launched first at the biggest fashion bazaar "Boutique Fairs Singapore".

Born out of a shared desire for progressive, sustainable action, the WoonHung Mia Series, created by WoonHung in collaboration with Mia Watanabe, is dedicated to Filipino domestic helpers in recognition of their sacrifices in leaving their families to come to Singapore to care for ours.

WoonHung’s Natural Collection is handmade in Cebu, Philippines, and it is only fitting to give back to its people. Proceeds from the WoonHung Mia Series will fund the Anecito Panolino Elementary School in Iloilo.

To honour the unsung heroes who care for us, we return in kind by nurturing their children, and their children’s children. Their welfare is our collective responsibility.

Find out more from our journal page.

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Mia 3 Series by WoonHung Natural Collection