Ship Of Time Lifestyle Store

Ship Of Time is an oasis tucked away in the hustle and bustle of city life, a home away from home, a third space to gather a sense of self.

At Ship Of Time, everyday feels like Sunday. It is a space carved out to showcase beautiful designs, handpicked by WoonHung. Each brand comes with a compelling back story, and each of them standing tall on their own.

We invite you to drift away inside our hidden enclave. Abandon yourself, and breeze through a selection of timeless, slow-made and thoughtful goods.⁠

Officially opened on 21 Oct 2019, Ship of Time Lifestyle Store is an extension of our first brick and mortar, Essential Extra Gift Store. Both stores are located side by side, at OUE Downtown Gallery.

#01-46  6A Shenton Way,
OUE Downtown Gallery
Singapore 068815

Mon to Fri : 10am to 7pm
Sat : 10am to 5pm
Sun + PH : Closed

Please note:
The operational hours have changed temporarily, due to the development of Phase 2 gradual opening of the Singapore economy. We will adjust again as the situation develops around COVID 19.

Why Ship Of Time when we have Essential Extra?

Ship Of Time is an extension of the first shop, Essential Extra, built to house indie designers and labels specialising in apparel, home furnishing and designs different from Essential Extra. Since opening, we had apparel designers approach us, however, the retail environment build for Essential Extra could not house apparels. And we felt a need to further explore possiblities of bringing in unconventional and outstanding apparel brands to the forefront. Ship Of Time was formed for this reason.

The key difference between the two brand is this, Essential Extra is about speed. A one-stop destination for your gifting needs in a jiffy. Ship Of Time on the other hand, is about stillness. Soaking in inspiration, taking the time to explore new grounds and pick up one-off pieces we stumbled upon during our travels. All the designers and products are handpicked by WoonHung, and each and everyone tell a unique story.

Retail is experiencing an uncertain but exciting shift. It is difficult to understand but worthwhile delving deep into. Rather than be intimidated, Ship Of Time, like Essential Extra, is an onging experiment, always changing and evolving, keeping in tune with the rythym of change. We shift as the world shifts. We sense the murmurings and keep pace with them.

This has always been how WoonHung treats retail and the place we live in. Nothing is set in stone. We can carve out a future, and breathe a new life to retail.