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Project Tuon

Project Tuon

Thank you for all of your support for Anecito Panolino Elementary School.

Mia & Lin started their donation drive journey by collecting unwanted stationary & necessities from their neigbours & friends to send to Anecito Panolino Elementary School in Iloilo ,Philippines.
The central idea is that we could give our unwanted goods a second life and support children’s education at the same time.

This expanded to calling out to passersby and customers to donate at Essential Extra Gift Store at Shenton Way. From 2018 to 2021, 95% of the stationary used at the school came from our little shop.

We halted the drop-off of donations at Essential Extra Gift Store as of June 15 2022 because Mia & Lin have returned to their home country. The 2 wonderful ladies, behind the scenes, pick-up, pack, organize & handle logistics to the school.
However, Mia and Lin would like to invite you to continue and support a new programme called Project Tuon, which is a broader initiative to advance children’s education in the Philippines.
 It’s simple:

1. Whatsapp Lin at +65 9131 1458 to ask about the current needs of Project Tuon schools and learning centres in Iloilo, Philippines.  It could be books and stationary for Anecito Panolino Elementary School, toys and learning materials for our learning support centres in remote villages, or disaster relief needs such as clothing or towels.

2. Lin can assist you with ordering a box from JPK Cargo with which she has negotiated rates for shipping to Iloilo, Philippines.  JPK Cargo will deliver the box to your home.  Shipping a small or medium size box can range from $75 – 110.  

3. Start collecting items!  Do some spring cleaning and ask your friends and neighbours to do the same.  

 4. Once you have filled a box, you can whatsapp Lin again and she can organize JPK Cargo to pick it up from your home.  You can pay the delivery person in cash when they pick up the box.

 5. Some ideas for funding the cost of a box which MIa & Lin have done: organize a bake sale, ask friends to sponsor you for a walk a thon, sell some unwanted household items on facebook or carousell, etc. -- the possibilities are endless!

6. Once the items reach their destination, Lin will post on Project Tuon's facebook page and you will be able to see them go to good use!  Feel free to tag the page with photos of your collection and donation activities.

 7. Start your own initiative!  Talk to your helper, or someone else from a place where access to education is not as easy as where you may be from.  Is there a school you could support, perhaps where the person used to attend, or at which a family member teaches?  A natural disaster leaving people without supplies?  A place where children do not have toys to play with?  Chances are, the person you speak will know the best logistics method to send your items to your chosen recipient!

You too can make a difference!


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